Gold Bar and Coin’s prices today in Qatar

Gold is an effective way to ensure wealth preservation and can play an important part in an investment portfolio, as well as being a good one-time savings option.

It’s a good insurance against inflation and it is easy asset to liquidate when the need arises.

Gold bar and Coin’s prices today in Qatari riyals

Gold bars and coins of 24, 22 and 21 karat are sold in various sizes in Qatar.

Check out gold bar and coins’ prices in Qatari riyal below.

1 GRAM270
2.5 GRAM626
5 GRAM1,220
10 GRAM2,401
10G MACA2,414
20 GRAM4,761
50 GRAM11,814
100 GRAM23,563
250 GRAM58,935
HALF OZ3,717
1 OZ7,383
1 TOLA2,793
2 TOLA5,542
3 TOLA8,283
5 TOLA13,767
10 TOLA27,378
PAMP 5 OZ36,661
PAMP 10 OZ73,237
HALF KG118,400
PAMP KILO234,595
PAMP 1KG235,680
PAMP 1KG236,055
04 GRAM (22KT)896
08 GRAM (22KT)1,784
08 GRAM (22KT) UK1,790

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