Jobs in Qatar: Branch Manager vacancy at Al Meera

Al Meera is looking for Branch Manager.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please read the details and you will find the Application link below.

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Job Details:

Company: Al Meera

Location: Doha, Qatar

Category: Branch Manager

Job Type: Permanent, Full-Time

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Job Summary:

  • Responsible for maintaining an acceptable gross profit, proper inventory management and operations reporting of store activities.
  • Responsible for achieving a greater sales increase over the previous year in sale.
  • Plans and prepare work schedules and assigs employees to specific duties.
  • Contains the losses of their unit by keeping inventory shrink at no greater than 1% if inside sales.
  • Ensure all reports, such as purchase, inventory and sales, are accurate and timely available.

  • Monitor and maintain proper store cleanliness, appearance and maintenance as per company policy.
  • Supervise employees engaged in sales work, taking of inventory, reconciling cash with sales receipts, keeping operating records and preparing daily records of transactions or performs work or subordinates, as needed.
  • Ensure compliance of employee with security, sales, record keeping procedures and practices.
  • Orders good or prepares requisitions to replenish goods on hand.
  • Monitor and verify vendor activity in store.

  • Ensure all store employees are trained properly.
  • Coordinate sales promotions activities and prepares, or direct workers preparing, good displays and advertising copy.
  • Perform banking functions such as cash counting and deposit.
  • Inventory control-record all purchases at retail and compare to the physical counts on premise. Perform all shift duties as required, (i.e.) run the cash register.


  • Degree in relevant subject (or equivalent)
  • Must prosses required knowledge and be able to explain, demonstrate with or without reasonable accommodation, that the essential functions of the job can be performed.
  • Effectively handle stressful period of peak activity.
  • Meeting multiple deadlines and multitasking.

  • Maintaining an established work schedule.
  • Effectively using interpersonal and communications skills including tact and diplomacy.
  • Supervising and coordinating the activities of subordinate personnel.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of work related information and materials. Establishing money with exact accuracy.


  • Effectively manage the branch under his control.
  • Drive sales through merchandising of product and price posting.
  • To maximize sales while reducing stock levels and shrinking.


  • Order effectively to maximize out of stock and over-stock.
  • To insure the correct labelling of all products with latest updates price.
  • To insures the shelves are clean, accessible and the stock is rotated and fresh (no expired stock).
  • To curb theft and shrinkage within his branch.

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