Leisure, Umrah travel bookings on rise ahead of Eid

Travellers from Qatar are exploring destinations worldwide and a big surge in travel bookings has been recorded as holidaymakers prepare for celebrating the upcoming Eid Al Fitr holidays.

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London, Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Thailand, Georgia, Maldives, and Cyprus remain some of the most popular tourist destinations from Qatar, according to industry sources.

Many pilgrims from Qatar are taking benefit of the simplified e-visa process for Saudi Arabia and the number of people travelling to perform Umrah has increased compared to 2021.

Speaking to The Peninsula, Ahmed Atta, Sales and Marketing Manager at Victoria Travels, said: “The simplified e-visa process for Saudi and Umrah has contributed to a rise in travellers, especially during this time of the year.’

‘With Eid holidays just around the corner, there is also a heightened desire by people to explore different destinations.”

The travel agent confirmed that the company sold more than 10,000 tickets to several popular tourist destinations including London, Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Thailand, Georgia, Maldives, and Cyprus as the Eid Al Fitr holidays approach.

Pilgrims also tend to show an interest in purchasing travel packages as it provides easy and convenient options.

According to travel industry sources, the prices of packages differ depending on the destination.

“We offer customised packages starting from QR2,900 that cater to everyone’s travel needs.

The packages cover popular destinations such as Saudi Arabia and Georgia, among others, and include flight tickets, accommodation, and transportation,” Atta said.

Europe remains a common attraction for Qataris, while countries like Georgia and Turkiye are preferred by others.

General Manager of Regency Travels and Tours, Manoj Tiwari, said “Some of the favourite places for Qataris are London, Paris, and other European cities while the Asians prefer the UAE, Maldives, Georgia, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, and Turkiye, depending on the on-arrival visa provided.”

Meanwhile, many expatriates also choose to travel to their home countries for the Eid holidays.

“Many who book with us are people who travel to their native places to spend some time with their loved ones including India, Philippines, and Pakistan,” Tiwari said.

“But a certain surge in travel bookings is recorded especially during Eid and it grows year-by-year,” he added.

Travel industry officials expect more ticket sales while moving closer to the Eid Al Fitr holidays.

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