Dubai: Two jailed and fined for organizing gambling

GT: The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced two Asians to three months in jail to be followed by deportation and fined them Dhs100,000 each for organizing a gambling game in a street in Naif area.

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The case dated back to last July when a policeman from the Naif Police Station saw a number of Asians gathering around another and were engaged in a gambling game.

According to the official documents, the policeman reported what he saw to the police and a team of detectives rushed to the scene and arrested the suspects.

On interrogation, one of the suspects admitted that he organized a gambling game in the Naif area where every gambler would pay Dhs100 to him if he lost but would get double the amount if he won.

The other suspect confessed that his role was restricted to luring gamblers to join the game.

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