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Are you looking for a job as a Remittance Teller at Alfardan Group in Qatar? Explore this job opening and submit your application today.

  • Job Location: Doha, Qatar
  • Skills: Computer literate, good Customer Service, excellent Communication Skills, Native Arabic
  • Education: Bachelor graduated/Associate/Diploma
  • Job Role: assist a client of sending money and ensure to get/collect correct information and details.

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Job Description

The Remittance Teller is referred to a staff who handles send and receive remittance transactions and instant cash transactions to the walk in customers. Although they handle only remittance related activities, there are such tellers that handle forex in some branches in addition to the role of the Remittance Teller, depending on the branch requirement.

Hence, the role remittance teller is not limited to remittance transactions. They may also handle main cashiering job in some cases.

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