UAE: 6 items motorist must not leave in car to prevent fire during summer

Every summer, authorities in the UAE witness a rise in cases of the vehicle catching fire. As the mercury rises in the country, motorists are urged to be careful of what they store in their vehicles and ensure that their cars are in good condition in order to avoid accidents.

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Abu Dhabi Police took to social media to warn drivers of the six things they should avoid leaving in the car. The six things that might expose the car to fire if kept were:

— Batteries

— Compressed containers

— Perfumes

— Lighters

— Gas cylinders

— Hand sanitisers

Earlier, the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence officials said most car fires during summer result from drivers neglecting safety and preventive measures.

These include the lack of periodic maintenance of vehicles, electric and technical faults in the car system, leaving flammable materials inside parked cars and oil leakages in the car engine and running the engine while refuelling a vehicle.

Officials pointed out that cars contain flammable elements, such as liquid fuels, oils, and internal components, such as plastics, rubber, and others.

In order to prevent car fires, motorists have been advised to regularly check and monitor the car cooling system and engine oil rates, carry out regular maintenance by a specialised technician, close the fuel tank cap tightly, prevent oil leakage and refrain from smoking near a heated car.

Drivers were also advised to keep a fire extinguisher and a first aid box inside the car.

Abu Dhabi Police have provided five guidelines for motorists to keep them safe on the roads during this hot weather. These include:

  • Ensure regular maintenance of your car
  • Ensure that you have the right type of tyres and always maintain the tyre pressure.
  • If you left your car parked under direct hit of the sun, wait for the steering to cool down before setting off
  • Don’t leave children alone in the vehicle even for a minute when going for shopping or for any other reason
  • It is good to open your windows just a tiny bit when parking in hot conditions as a bit of ventilation can lower the temperature inside your car

Motorists caught flouting rules and driving with worn or damaged tyres will be fined Dh500 and have four black points put on their driving licences. Their vehicle will also be also impounded for a week.