Qatar: Public parks receive 131,961 visitors during Eid Al Fitr holidays

Doha: The Ministry of Municipality has said that public parks received 131,961 visitors during Eid Al Fitr holidays.

Public parks at Doha Municipality attracted the highest number of visitors 50,000 followed by parks at Al Rayan Municipality where 35,500 people visited.

The Ministry has shared the figures on its social networking sites. Public parks at Al Khor and Al Zakhira Municipality received 30,831 visitors during Eid Al Fitr.

Parks at Al Wakra Municipality and Al Shamal Municipality shared 6,350 and 3,600 visitors respectively. As many as 1,600 people visited public parks in Umm Salal Municipality and 1,250 people in Al Sheehaniya Municipality.

The Ministry of Municipality represented by Public Parks Department prepared all public parks across the country to receive the visitors during Eid Al Fitr.

Public parks have become major picnic places for people including families and individuals especially during weekends and holidays. People also used public parks to get together with families and friends during occasions and holidays.

Visitors thanked Public Park Department for providing advanced parks with all necessary facilities such as green areas, trees, jogging tracks, cycling tracks and play areas for children.

“I took my family to Aspire Park on second day of Eid Al Fitr. Most parks in Qatar have necessary facilities for all people in different age group,” Ahmad Reza, an Indian expatriate told The Peninsula. Reza said that his family stayed long hours in the park where they enjoyed quality time.

“My children played different games at play areas. My wife and me also did some physical exercises using the  fitness machines and utilised the jogging tracks,” said Reza.

He said that the lake at Aspire Park with ducks and other types of birds, hills, food kiosks and large number of trees adds value to the park.

According to earlier figures released by the Public Parks Department, the number of public parks in Qatar reached 104 attracting large number of visitors from citizens and expatriates.

Following new planning, the Department is working to provide public parks, walkways and cycling tracks at all possible residential areas under ongoing beautification projects.

The existing parks have been uplifted and new parks are being designed in way to incorporate innovative ideas and smart technologies making public parks more environmentally-friendly and sustainable entertainment facilities.