Cultural awareness for Visitors in Qatar during World Cup 2022

Qatar is a relatively conservative country – but extremely welcoming. Hospitality is a cornerstone of local culture and everybody will be welcome in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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People can generally wear their clothing of choice. Visitors are expected to cover their shoulders and knees when visiting public places like museums and other government buildings.

Swimwear is allowed at hotel beaches and pools. Fans attending matches should note that the removal of shirts in the stadium is not permitted.


Alcohol is not part of local culture, but hospitality is.  Alcohol will be available to purchase for fans who wish to enjoy it.

Alcohol is served in licensed restaurants and in many hotels across the country today. Fans should note that drinking alcohol outside of designated areas is prohibited.

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Fans should also note that it is not permitted to bring alcohol into the State of Qatar.

Fans should avoid travelling with alcohol from their country of origin or purchasing duty free products en route to avoid confiscation upon arrival into Qatar.

Public displays of affection:

Public displays of affection are not part of local culture and we kindly ask for this to be respected by fans who travel to Qatar for the tournament.


When taking pictures, common courtesy should be exercised and fans are advised to ask permission before photographing/filming members of the public.

Fans should also be aware that taking pictures of government buildings is not permitted.

Start of the week:

The first day of the week is Sunday and the weekend is Friday and Saturday.


The holy day is Friday, so banks and other services will be closed.

Some shops also close for a couple of hours before midday prayers and reopen afterwards, so check opening hours before you head out.

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