Over 90 complaints of domestic workers against employer in August

GT:  Over 90 complaints of domestic workers against their employers have been settled last month, said the Ministry of Labour.

The Ministry stated this today in its monthly statistics for August, that it had received 117 complaints, of which 96 have been settled, 11 are under process and 10 transferred to relevant committees.


As for the applications for new recruitment, the Ministry noted that the total number of applications it received reached 9,945, among them 5,489 applications were accepted, and 4,456 were rejected.

For work permits, the total was 1,756 applications, of which 673 were new.


Meanwhile it added that the Ministry found one violation during 19 inspection visits to the recruitment offices.

The Ministry also found that 120 establishments were in violation of the Law of the Ministerial decree No. 17 of 2021 announced on 26 May 2021.


The Ministry of Labour has been conducting awareness campaigns on the dangers of heat stress during working hours.

The decision prohibits work in the morning period after 10am in the morning until 3:30pm afternoon, for work that is performed in the open outdoor workplaces and shaded places that are not equipped with appropriate ventilation.

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