Over 1,600 flights to take off and land in Qatar every day during World Cup

Qatar will see around 1,600 flight landings and take-offs in a day during the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar Civil Aviation Authority’s (QCAA) Air Navigation Department Director Ahmed Al Eshaq has said.

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This is almost twice the current 750-800 air movements per day, which makes Qatar Middle East’s second busiest country in air traffic, he added.

Eshaq, in an interview with Al Sharq, confirmed the readiness of Qatari air navigation for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in a highly professional manner, indicating that all procedures related to the Qatari airspace and the flow of aircraft movement and air control are in line with the requirements of operational intensity during the World Cup.

He stressed that all workers in the field of air traffic control have received intensive training according to the highest professional and technical standards to manage the Qatari airspace in an efficient and professional manner.

Al Eshaq said in the context of preparations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the number of aircraft parking lots has been increased to improve the capacity at the airport, which is in line with the program and plan set by the management of Hamad International Airport, which is expected to finish at the end of August.

He pointed to the installation of the latest devices in the Middle East, the “virtual tower”, which will contribute in the future to dispensing with traditional watchtowers.

He added that this device can be installed anywhere, and through it, the aircraft can be directed through screens and the device. There are no similar devices in the Middle East except in Qatar, he said, adding that a number of modern radars have also been installed at Doha Airport and Hamad International Airport.

He stated that the Air Navigation was provided with a large number of modern devices as well, and they were installed to keep pace with the expected increase of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

He explained that the difference between ancient air navigation and modern air navigation is vast, indicating that the difference lies in the high technology of the current air navigation devices compared to their counterparts in the past ten years.

Director of Air Navigation Department at Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) Ahmed Al Eshaq concluded his statements by confirming that the current equipment guarantees and enhances the safety component of aircraft flying in Qatari airspace through the ease of air and ground movement.

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