Qatar residents can host upto five guests through Hayya Portal

Hayya Portal has been updated to ensure that visit to Qatar for vacation or business becomes an easier process.

The portal has also made it easier for residents who wish to invite family members to sign up as host on the portal and add a property.

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Explaining the process, the Hayya portal states, “Any Qatar residents with valid QID and proof of address registered on Metrash2 app, can sign up as a host on Hayya and add one (1) property.”

“The maximum number of guests that can be added on the registered property is 5 guests.”

The guest added to a family and friends list once added cannot be removed and so it is imperative for residents to provide accurate information about the guests.

It added that if the guest list connected with a property is empty, only then the property can be removed from the Hayya portal.

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