Asia Cup 2022: List of items banned by Dubai Police

GT: Fans who are watching the highly anticipated final match of Asia Cup 2022 have been reminded of the items and activities that are not allowed inside the stadium.


The Dubai Police earlier issued the latest list of banned items, which include sharp objects, political flags and banners, power banks and selfie sticks, as well as laser pointers, umbrellas and scooters. Outside food and drink are also not allowed inside.


Last month, the police had ensured that the latest technologies were deployed to secure the venue.

Here’s the list restricted items/activities:


  • Remote controlled devices
  • Animals
  • Illegal or toxic substances
  • Radio communication devices or power banks
  • Fireworks or flares
  • Laser pointers
  • Smoking
  • Glass
  • Filming or flash photography
  • Selfie sticks, monopods or umbrellas
  • Sharp objects
  • Outside food or drinks
  • Political flags and banners
  • Bikes, skateboards or scooters

The closing match of the 16-day tournament will be played between Pakistan and Sri Lanka today, September 11, at the Dubai International Stadium.

The coin toss will take place at 5.30pm.

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