BTS caught the World Cup fever

K-Pop band BTS releases World Cup campaign song ahead of Qatar 2022

K-Pop sensation BTS has released the official music video for its ‘Goal of the Century (GOTC)’ FIFA World Cup 2022 campaign song with Hyundai, entitled ‘Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.)’


The four-minute music video, that has garnered over 100k views in almost a hour of its release, for the British rock remix version of the band’s original song exudes the enthusiastic atmosphere of football.

The video centres around the spirit of football with various frames featuring youngsters playing football and fans cheering on a match.


“In celebration of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Hyundai and BTS are proud to unveil the ‘Goal of the Century’ campaign’s official song, ‘Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.)’,” said Hyundai in a statement.

Hyundai is set to launch a TikTok challenge on October 1, marking 50 days ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 which will kick off in November.

The TikTok challenge features BTS’ “arms around the shoulders dance”, which represents the Goal of the Century.


The full track is also now available across various streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

“Come join us, BTS, and the rest of Team Century as we await the FIFA World Cup 2022 together with the #TeamCentury12 TikTok challenge,” it said in a statement.

The ‘Goal of the Century’ is a global sustainability campaign launched by Hyundai Motor Company on April 22 this year, in line with the Earth Day, to celebrate the highly-anticipated FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

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