Head Barista for West Bay Beach Clubs by Qatar Airways

Are you seeking a position as a Head Barista in West Bay Beach Clubs by Qatar Airways? Explore this job opening and submit your application today.

  • Company Name: West Bay Beach Clubs by Qatar Airways
  • Location: Doha, Qatar
  • Category: Customer Service
  • Job Id: 205353
  • Closing Date: 11-12-2023

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  • High school certificate or similar.
  • Minimum of 6-12 months previous experience in similar role, preferably in a 5-star hotel.
  • Basic Food Safety Certificate.
  • Previous Beach Club Experience is preferred.
  • Ability to Work in Beach Venue Conditions (Indoor & Outdoor).

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key responsibilities:

  • Maintains the highest quality by consistently preparing warm and hot beverages as per the expected standards. Including preparing new recipes as SOP standards.
  • Contributes in constantly upgrading the beverage menu by suggestion or idea based on analysis of guest requests depending demand, trends, preference
  • Supervise staff to ensure that the SOP and standards are upheld and maintain by staff will performing their duties during daily operations.
  • Training staff for both coffee machine and product knowledge concerning coffee and drinks, conduct test to ensure all staff have a sound knowledge about product, ingredients and recipes
  • Provide a personalized approach for greeting guests by taking their feedback, suggestions and recommendation pertaining the drinks and service.
  • Manage all internal and external stakeholders who deliver services aligned to the product offered (e.g. quality of milk orders) by maintaining close, professional and effective rapport through best practices of communication.
  • Recommend and support in implementing product development strategies based on the customer or guest feedback.

  • Monitor, track and maintain inventory and check list to ensure that the equipment and supplies are well stocked up by preparing weekly/monthly inventory or purchase requisition.
  • Inspect and monitor that hygiene standards are maintained in the barista with an eye for detail to ensure that all beverages preparation in compliance with food and beverage hygiene policies and procedures.
  • Monitor, control and report accurate budget on components such as supplies and equipment.
  • Support efficient WBB operation; staffing, training, product knowledge, scheduling, monitoring, guiding and coaching team members for achieving highest standards of operational efficiency
  • Observe customer trends, demands and manage issues, comments and complaints with utmost professionalism and mindfulness to ensure a quality experience and enhance future sales prospects.
  • Ensure that the quality, service and operational standards are properly understood and followed throughout by the staff as per the policies and SOP’s.
  • Conduct checks to ensure that the relevant procedures are followed by the staff during operations and collecting guest feedback on the products, staff, amenities etc. for product and operational improvisation.
  • Maintain a professional atmosphere throughout by extending full cooperation and respect within the team and other teams.

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