Kuwait deported 15,000 Workers despite having valid residence

GT: Ongoing security campaigns in the country have led to deportation of about 15,000 expats of various nationalities under Article 16 of Foreigners Law for violating various laws since the beginning of the year. Most of the deportees do not have a source of income.


The Ministry of Interior has begun to activate Article 16 of Foreigners (Expats) Living in Kuwait Law which states Expats who don’t have a known source of income or no apparent means of living can be deported from the country.


Proper procedures were followed by the ministry majority were marginal workers who had been caught during security campaigns on makeshift markets, street vendors and customers in these locations were referred to residency affairs for investigation to take measures to deport them from Kuwait.


They did not have enough income to support themselves and have a decent life. The main aim to deport them from Kuwait is to prevent them from carrying out crimes or immoral acts, reports Al Rai. Also visa traders who have been blocked from conducting business.


Most of those who have been deported from Kuwait are from Asian and Arab communities. Even if the residence is valid and is caught violating the workplace or is caught in illegal makeshift markets he/she will be immediately deported.


These steps keep control on the labor market and ensure illegal workers in the country which has become a threat to demographic structure which are often found committing crimes and illegal practices.

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