Qatari artist creates waves with unique sand artwork

Qatari artist Khalifa Saleh al-Hamidi, who transforms silent sands into vibrant paintings, telling stories and diverse scenes, has created waves by drawing the new official emblem on sand with his car, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported.

Al-Hamidi said: “I have been drawing on sand by car since 2010, coinciding with Qatar winning the honour of organising the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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The day after the launch of the new official emblem of Qatar, I went to Sealine Beach and it took me approximately an hour and twenty minutes to complete.

I drew the emblem across a distance of about two and a half square kilometers.


“The wet sand found on beaches helps me to carry out my work more accurately. Before I start drawing, I focus on the work that I will be doing, until I imprint a mental picture of it.

This requires a great deal of patience and nerve control. The works that I draw on the sand are of two types, the written ones and the ones that are easy to implement.


“The technical drawings are the most difficult part, and since the beginning of discovering this talent, I carried out many written works. But in terms of technical drawings, I presented three works, namely: the logo of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and another work of a falcon, in addition to the new emblem of Qatar.

“I hope to be able to present my work to the World Cup audience, especially since the country will hold many cultural and artistic events during the tournament period.

By drawing on the sand, we can make the beaches of Qatar art galleries open to all lovers and connoisseurs of this type of art.”


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