Over 700,000 Iftar Meals will be Distributed across Qatar during Ramadan

The General Department of Endowments, under the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, announced this initiative as part of the ‘Iftar Saim’ campaign for Ramadan 2024. This campaign aims to provide iftar meals to more than 24,000 fasting individuals daily at 20 locations across the country.

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During a press conference at the ministry’s headquarters in Al Waab, Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed bin Ghanem Al Thani, Director of the General Department of Endowments, revealed the strategic selection of locations based on population density and labor areas to ensure maximum reach.

The iftar meals will be distributed at Ramadan tents set up at 15 locations, including areas like Ain Khalid, Al Sailiya, and the Industrial Area. Additional distribution points will be established in urban areas such as the Old Airport, Umm Ghuwailina, and Souq Faleh, ensuring accessibility for those observing Ramadan.

Sheikh Khalid stressed the significance of this initiative in fostering solidarity among community members, citing a prophetic tradition to underscore the importance of providing iftar to fasting individuals. He also called for generous support from donors to bolster the campaign.

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The ‘Iftar Saim’ campaign has gained increasing support from benefactors, with growing demand for the “Iftar the Fasting Person” endowment, leading to a wider reach and impact compared to previous years.

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